Out of work early and a simple dinner

I was so happy to leave work at 1730 AEDT tonight. It meant I got to my kitchen a bit after 1800 AEDT. I have so much work e-mail to get through as well as personal e-mail so I thought a bit of skinless chicken thigh and some vegetables.

I had a good day when I think about it. It was busy and there were lots of things to do. On the good side I got to see Bron and I spent time with team mates talking about food and cooking and eating. I also had a very positive meeting with one of my bosses in the morning.

Chicken, sweet potato, avocado, asparagus and broccoli

The sweet potato was tossed in a little flour with the chicken. The chicken and sweet potato was cooked in the oven at 150 °C for 45 minutes. The avocado was just ripe. The broccoli and asparagus were simply zapped in the microwave.


7 thoughts on “Out of work early and a simple dinner

  1. Hi Gary, Got you relaxed and probably recovered from your jet-lag and so forth by now. Happy Valentine’s and “Thank You” for visiting and liking my posts. Regards.!!!

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