Washington DC is a beautiful city

Okay for regular readers this is not a food blog post. I’m here in the capital of the USA for a work meeting. It’s one of the important aspects of the job in terms of developing and maintaining relationships with international colleagues.

On Monday morning I had a few hours spare before my first meeting so I went for a long walk which took in the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum. I have always wanted to visit this particular museum. I remember as a child reading encyclopædias about flight and space travel and dreaming of seeing some of the historic artefacts in a Smithsonian museum. While walking there I could see The White House and Washington Monument while walking down 16th Street NW. Along the way I passed the Freedom Plaza and noted the Occupy Freedom Plaza and Occupy Washington protestors. It looks like the sanitation workers of Washington are very busy. On the way to the museum I passed the Capitol Building and many other major government buildings. Washington has beautiful architecture. It befits the capital of a country in terms of grandeur and presence. I really would like to come back to Washington and spend more time to look around. Maybe one day when I win lotto I’ll enjoy a holiday and visit the US, Canada and the UK and do a super tour.

I suppose I should say something about the food I’ve eaten. It’s basically been plain diner food. Last night I did go to a meeting and had a hotel dinner. It was a steak and then cheesecake. It was okay, but I could get exactly the same food in Australia. I know that various parts of the US have their own cuisine, I don’t get the impression that Washington DC is known for its food culture. I’d love to visit New Orleans and try their food. I’ve visited New Mexico and enjoyed their take on Mexican cuisine. Last year I visited Mexico City and enjoyed a few Mexican dishes.

From 16th Street NW

The Capitol Building

Smithsonian Institute's Air and Space Museum


9 thoughts on “Washington DC is a beautiful city

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    • I wish I could. Our work travel policy is very strict given I’m here on taxpayers money. One day for a holiday it would be great 🙂

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