Duck pancakes, homemade from scratch!

Bron has been talking about Peking duck and duck pancakes for weeks. She has been looking at various recipes and had settled on a modified Donna Hay recipe. When I say modified, I mean taking the best ideas from other recipes and using them in her creation.

I remember when my Mum made a Peking duck as a kid. It took her a weekend. I recall she built her own airing frame and had a fan set up to help dry out the duck.

Bron’s didn’t take that long and honestly it was an awesome product we had in the end. Bron reckons the most difficult part was getting the hang of making the pancakes.

Peking duck airing with a fan

It’s important to dry out the duck before cooking

Peking duck out of the oven

It looks so good

Peking duck out of the oven resting

Gently resting

From eye level

It’s good to get down to bench level

The table getting set

Lebanese cucumber and spring onions are a must for crunch

Pancakes, vegetables and hoi sin sauce

The pancakes kept well in the cool for a few hours

The bits I like, note the crispy tail in there

I love the tail, neck and thigh and the bones to chew

The carcass was picked clean later

The carcass got a real going over after we finished 🙂

Shredded duck meat

The meat was succulent 

Getting ready with the hoi sin sauce

The pancakes were perfect 

Ready to roll. Yummo

It really was delicious

Ready to eat and enjoy

Two bites and this was gone

The last slice of the chocolate peanut paste cheesecake 😦 It was so good.

I’m going to miss the cheesecake 

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6 thoughts on “Duck pancakes, homemade from scratch!

  1. You should have a warning not to read this post if you are hungry! I could bite the screen.
    Love duck, and now I have to go cook something to eat with pancakes, cucumber and hoisin.

    • Umm…sorry about that 🙂

      They were so delicious to eat. Once there was no meat on the carcass we knew it was time to stop, regroup and then finish the cheesecake.

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