Australia Day dinner. Yes it’s lamb again.

For the last few years an Australian personality, viz., Sam Kekovich has acted as a lambassador for the Australian lamb industry. It’s just as well I have a deep and abiding fondness for lamb as evidenced by last night’s blog (Lamb cutlets with mint sauce and radish salad).

Every Australia Day Sam gives an address to the Australian people and beyond.

Today while we enjoyed Australia Day cheesecake Bron had her slow cooker going with lamb shanks. Lamb shanks in red wine is one of my favourite meals.

In the slow cooker

The smell in the apartment was amazing.

Plated up

Look I had greens plus potatoes and a plate load of the best tasting meat around. It was so jelly like and amazing.

The remaining bones

I had fun sucking the marrow out of the bones.

Chocolate and peanut paste cheesecake

We finished with Australia Day Cheesecake.


7 thoughts on “Australia Day dinner. Yes it’s lamb again.

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  2. What an Australia Day feast. While I do love a lamb stew, I am a sweet lover so you can imagine how much I am drooling over that cheesecake! PS Love Sam Kekovich – do you think the irony of having a lambassador with Balkan heritage is lost on many Australians?

    PPS did you see the next clip that continues on from that one where he sand ‘Barbie Girl’ with Melissa Tkautz?

  3. I love lamb. I grew up in Nova Scotia and my grandfather used to make house calls in Great Breton. Often he’d come home with fresh lamb. Yum. Have to try this.

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