My first Yorkshire pudding with Jamie Oliver’s smoked ocean trout, horseradish and cream filling

Over the years I’ve seen many cooking programs and many recipes for Yorkshire pudding. I’ve never had a Yorkie before. Around Christmas we watched an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain where he cooked baby yorkies with ocean trout, and thought that looked amazing.

Tonight Bron made this dish. It was awesome.

Pouring the batter was easier than we’d expected.

They rose quickly and abundantly.

Yorkies cooking


It was good watching it bubble away.

Smoked ocean trout, horseradish pâté with cream

Yorkies fresh from the oven, nice and hot

Yorkies on a plate

Yorkies and smoked trout with horseradish pâté

Then we had gooey chocolate pudding with cherry sauce and ice cream.

Chocolate pudding


20 thoughts on “My first Yorkshire pudding with Jamie Oliver’s smoked ocean trout, horseradish and cream filling

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  4. My mum got me a great Yorkshire pudding pan. I love it. I find a lot of people here who’ve never tried it. They’re missing something. Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up!

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  7. Oh yeah, roast beef and yorkshire pud! Lucky I don’t like in canberra cause I’d probably gatecrash that party!

  8. Love the yorkshire pudding! I do it with a prime rib. When I make the pudding, I mix it all up and let it sit to warm up for a couple of hours before using. That is what the recipe recommends. And you add the beef drippings to the muffin pan, and it is fabulous! Also, love Jamie Oliver!

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