Belluci’s in Woden and their Tournedos

Over the last couple of months I’ve been able to enjoy lunch at Belluci’s in Woden. Both times I pre-ordered the Tournedos. The menu description is grain fed fillet of beef with sweet pea puree, crisp prosciutto, baby carrots and chianti reduction for $36. Each time I have asked for it to be cooked rare. It’s the way I like it.

Each time the steak has been perfectly cooked and the meal tasted very nice. I would recommend Belluci’s in Woden to anyone who wants a nice steak.

The other meals on the menu also look very good and by all accounts from my work mates, their meals have equally been as good as the steak I have enjoyed.

Belluci's Tournedos

Belluci's Tournedos cooked rare



10 thoughts on “Belluci’s in Woden and their Tournedos

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  5. Yum! I used to love rare steak, even steak tartare, but two pregnancies have trained me to avoid meats left red when cooked. I’m slowly getting my medium rare-rare mojo back, I’m sure if I had a yummy meal like this to enjoy I would get it back much quicker!

  6. I’m being tortured by this appetizing food. Whyyyy? It’s 6am!

    I kid I kid. These plates just look so inviting. I wish I were in your neck of the woods so I could visit Belluci’s

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