New years eve dinner

Last night we were invited to a dinner party. Good friends through work. The same friends who hosted high tea a month ago. There were six adults. Bron had been thinking of a chocolate and strawberry creation based in part on the base via Donna Hay and the rest her own creative juices.

Before the main course we were treated to some gorgeous food in terms of olives, Turkish dips and a really nice Persian Feta cheese.

The main meal was a jerk chicken with sweet corn, haloumi salad and rice. This was an incredibly tasty meal. Fortunately there was enough for me to have seconds.

Jerk chicken, sweet corn, haloumi salad and rice

This image is taken before we left Bron’s place. The icing sugar is still obvious.

Bitter chocolate and strawberry tart

I ended up having two slices.

Bitter chocolate strawberry tart

It was a great night of sharing funny stories and eating good food. A great way to spend new years eve.


8 thoughts on “New years eve dinner

  1. As a person from the Caribbean, I lovveeeee me some jerk chicken. The entire meal looks sooo delicious!!! And the dessert? YUM!!!!

    Happy New Year.

  2. oh wow it looks so yummy. I cant even remember what i had, probably because it was hella-gross! frozen dinner…hmm yum! 😦

  3. Haloumi, heaven art thou name except now another demi-god has come to the pagan feast.

    ZOMG that bitter chocolate tart looks like an orgasm on a plate.

    Well, you know what I mean…

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