Leftover duck and leek pie

On Christmas eve eve (last Friday) we watched a Jamie Oliver Christmas special. He described his leftover turkey and leek pie which looked amazing. For our Christmas we had a roast duck and we thought it would go well as a leftover duck and leek pie. The other twist to the recipe is that instead of rolling chestnuts into the pastry, walnuts were rolled in. It gave the pastry a great flavour and a fantastic texture.

Duck and leek pie

On the plate I found turning the pie upside down better as a vessel to absorb the amazing gravy that coms from preparing the filling.

Duck and leek pie

What I haven’t added are the images of me eating the leftover pie from the pie dish and all the gravy poured into it. Well not all the gravy, but most of it.


4 thoughts on “Leftover duck and leek pie

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  3. My husband is complaining that he offered to make a turkey and leek pie for dinner tonight but I complained that it was ‘too heavy’. We had tinned lentil soup instead

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