Simple, Simple, Simple

I’m not sure what cut we would call skirt steak in Australia. I’d just go for rib eye fillet.

Back Road Journal

When the days are hectic you need a little simplicity in your life. During the holiday season we have the added pressure of trimming the tree and decorating our homes. We are baking cookies and cakes, and planning menus for holiday parties and dinners. We are scrambling to buy and wrap last minute gifts for those we forgot about. At the end of the day you want something simple for dinner. Simple, simple, simple but with great taste.

What is easier than a steak, potato and salad.

We don’t eat a lot of steak and when we do we just want a little but we want it to have great taste. Tonight’s dinner is a skirt steak that is well known for its use in fajitas. Marinated for several hours to ensure good flavor, quickly grilled to medium rare,  sliced thin, and then drizzled with chimichurri sauce. Juicy and…

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4 thoughts on “Simple, Simple, Simple

  1. Hi Gary, Glad you liked the post. I can’t help you with what the cut of beef would be called in Australia. It’s a long thin flap of meat that has a lot of grain to it. Maybe someone else can help.

    • Thanks Karen. I like that in different countries butchers have developed different approaches. I’m sure your recipe will work with a nice lean but tender cut of beef.

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