Chicken fried steak

It sounds odd doesn’t it? While I was away I read a blog from one of my favourite Bloggers, viz., Karen from Back Road Journal fame. Karen recently posted about one of her childhood favourites, i.e., A Taste Of Texas, Chicken Fried Steak With Cream Gravy.

I thought I’d at least give the steak a go. I can do her vegetables another time.

I agree with Karen, tenderising with buttermilk is always a good thing.

Soaking steak in buttermilk

I took Karen’s advice and applied the egg wash and flour process twice.

Eggs for the egg wash

Flour with mustard, chilli flakes, pepper and other stuff

I used enough sunflower oil in my wok to ensure the coated meat sat about halfway in the shimmering oil. I didn’t make the cream sauce like Karen did, rather than waste the buttermilk, I used it instead of plain milk. It tasted okay. Next time I’d do it as Karen did.

For those that know me, I like cabbage so I steamed some and also fried some sweet potato discs.

The finished product tasted pretty good. The crusty flour coating was nice and spicy and the meat was very tender.

Chicken fried steak with cabbage and sweet potato


12 thoughts on “Chicken fried steak

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  5. Hi Gary, I’m happy that you tried the steak recipe. I looks like it has a nice crisy crust. Thank you for the link and congratulations on your award.

  6. Buttermilk works magic on chicken, if you want it tender and juicy, marinade in buttermilk first.
    I enjoyed your blog and look forward to seeing your photos. Congratulations on the Liebster Blog Award!

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