My mum’s coconut chicken

I was asked by littlemissmoi if my Mum shared recipes. She doesn’t have many recipes. She cooks by experience and taste. Sadly she has developed some severe food allergies in her senior years so now most food lacks things like soy sauce, stock and anything that may have a preservative added.

For the coconut chicken this is what I observed.

Chicken flesh cut into thin strips.
Scotch whiskey, corn flour, garlic and ginger added.
Chicken browned in a wok.
Onions sautéed in the wok. Meat added back.
Salt and cracked pepper add.
Fresh sliced chilli added.
Coconut cream added.
Fresh basil added.

Mum reckons it would taste really good with some fish sauce and soy sauce. Sadly she can’t eat them any more.

It was pretty good with her fried rice.

My Mum and Dad's fried rice. It IS AWESOME.

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