My succulent roast lamb shoulder

It’s been a busy week, albeit a short week with a public holiday on Monday. Yesterday I spent most of the day at work trying to catch up. I didn’t get very far. Today I was going to do more but thankfully got caught up watching Bathurst and then the Wallabies play the Springboks.

This morning when I went grocery shopping I came across a bit of lamb shoulder. It’s not often you see shoulder amongst all the legs (maybe I don’t look hard enough). Like pork, I think the shoulder of a lamb is more succulent and juicy than the hind leg or rump.

Lamb shoulder

It was a bit expensive.

Price tag

I really love the feel of handling meat, especially when it’s room or better, body temperature.There’s nothing like feeling the muscle fibres and having a knife in your hand. I really like butterflying a leg of lamb and dissecting the muscle compartments with my fingers. My boning knife is my favourite tool when working with lamb.

Out of the plastic and with my favourite boning knife.

On the rack I tucked the shank underneath.

Lamb on a rack

I also wanted something indulgent to eat with my meat.

Potatoes, celery and and onion

And in the food processor they go

I wanted to top the potato bake with a crunchy crusty topping made from streaky bacon and breadcrumbs.

Coles streaky bacon

I am so happy Coles sells streaky bacon now.

The potato bake was pretty easy to assemble.

Potato bake before topping

I also use nutmeg and pepper. I should have used more salt in the vegetables.

Potato bake with breadcrumb bacon topping

Slow roasted lamb shoulder

I cooked this for three hours at 150 ℃. The meat was moist, tender and succulent.

Juicy lamb

Most of the fat was in the pan. The skin was crispy and the meat so tasty.

I know I haven't got greens on the plate yet.


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