Roast chicken Friday

Well this week has been a write off. I went to work yesterday for a few hours but essentially worked from home since then and really not at all for the first three days.

Tonight I found a smallish chicken and roasted it.

I really like cooking the chicken in a low oven for about 90 minutes. It cooks well and remains moist.

Raw chicken on a frame

After 90 minutes it looked pretty good.

Roasted chicken on a frame

Plated up it looked okay too.

Roasted chicken dinner plated up

Close up 🙂

Roasted chicken dinner plated up

Yes, those are potatoes with salt, pepper and sesame seeds. I don’t know why, I just did them that way.



3 thoughts on “Roast chicken Friday

  1. Hi. I see in your picture that you are roasting your chicken, standing up. Well, my mum used to have one very similar to what you are using and i never could remember what the instrument was called. Can you help??? And where would i buy one??? Have been desperate for one of these for a long time

    Yours Greatfully

    Keily Carter

    • I cannot remember the name of the product but I’ve seen it in a few kitchenware shops in Canberra. If I see it again, I’ll jot down the name and get back to you.

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