Canberra traffic lights

Has anyone else noticed a change in the control of traffic lights in Canberra? I’ve only been a resident since September 2007 and when I first arrived I had this sense that traffic lights were set to just change in a set order so everyone gets their turn.I had taken it for granted that if I missed a green light I would have to wait a few minutes for my turn to come around again. There didn’t appear to be any difference with the time of day or density of traffic.

Over the last month or so I’ve noticed many intersections seem to be better managed by their traffic lights. I can only assume someone has changed the programming so that traffic density and flow is taken into account in the program’s algorithm.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I just dreaming of more efficient traffic flow in Canberra? For a town with such a small population is baffles me why the traffic is so bad.

Please tell me what you think

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