Sunday lamb stew

I had a pretty good day today after spending most of yesterday (Saturday) at work. I went for a stroll around Lake Ginninderra (well not around, just along the bank for about 30 minutes), went and saw Green Lantern and spent time ironing and watching television.

This evening I prepared a lamb stew. It wasn’t the coldest day in Canberra but it was cold enough for a stew.

Lamb stew
Forequarter chops
Chicken stock
White wine
Balsamic vinegar
Cocktail potatoes
Cover the meat with flour and then brown in a fry pan
Allow the meat to rest in a heavy casserole
Sauté the onions and add a little balsamic vinegar
Add diced carrot and celery, warm through and then add a cup of white wine
Bring to a fast simmer and add a cup of stock
Bring back to a fast simmer and then add to the casserole
Add cocktail potatoes and enough hot water to cover the meat
Place the casserole into a moderate oven and cook for one and a half hours
Serve with crusty bread

Sunday dinner. Lamb stew.

On the subject of Green Lantern I was quite disappointed. The film makers spent too much time on Hal’s earthly relationships and his interest in Carol rather than activity on Oa and the Green Lanterns’ capabilities.



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