Francisco’s Mexican Cantina—A night out with friends

On Friday night I went out with friends after work for a meal at Francisco’s Mexican Cantina. We’d read the reviews on and felt if we had modest expectations and acknowledge this was not fine dining then we’d experience an enjoyable meal in good company.

The reviews were quite diverse, ranging from really awful to genuine Mexican cuisine. In truth it was enjoyable TexMex. The service was interesting. It was friendly and pleasant. On asking about the serving sizes of nachos I decided on small beef and frijoles nachos so I could have a full rack of Dave Nelsons BBQ spare ribs. My friends asked for a small frijoles nachos to share as a starter and then they ordered Chimichangas and Burritos for mains. The server seemed to think I wanted a large beef and frijoles nachos and the full rack of ribs all served as a main so I had to watch my friends eat their nachos while I wondered where my dinner was. When I was told the nachos was large I explained I requested small. In the end she got it right. I ate my meal all in one go. Fortunately I like to eat (with my hands) and my friends didn’t seem to mind. More importantly I was wearing a white shirt and managed not to soil it. [Check out the slide show].

One friend however, received a cold plate of food which needed to be reheated. After a discussion, that meal was wiped from the bill.

To be honest, I’d go back with mates and enjoy nachos and ribs again. It’s not fine dining and no one should have high expectations. I enjoyed myself. I ate well and enjoyed the company of my friends.

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One thought on “Francisco’s Mexican Cantina—A night out with friends

  1. I have heard the ribs are good at Francisco’s. Shame about the service though – I think it is definitely a hit/miss restaurant.

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