Mt Ainslie—A nice walk

Yesterday we went for a walk up and down Mt Ainslie. Dave’s ACT describes the history of Ainslie.

The walk itself was fine. I’m very unfit so most of the way up was laboured.

When we got to the lookout it was nice to see others enjoying the lookout and the sights of Canberra. The view of War Memorial and Parliament House was very good. On the way down we took a track that was fairly steep but not too crumbly.





To see the route click on the RunKeeper link. The first part of the route is blank because I had to adjust some settings.

From the top we could see Black Tower Mountain. We walked that a fortnight ago.


2 thoughts on “Mt Ainslie—A nice walk

  1. I’m impressed with your hike…especially after the ice cream and doughnuts you had the other day for dessert. Just kidding of course and thanks for sharing the links. It’s always interesting reading about new places.

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