Instruments of pain

I love my dentist. She is really good. Really friendly. She explains procedures and makes root canal therapy sound like a good thing.

Instruments of pain

A tray of pain

Today I met the dental hygienist for the first time. She spent more than half an hour with this metal hook that vibrates and shoots water between your gums and teeth in a quest to remove plaque and calculi. My feet ‘danced’. My fists clenched. I nearly bit the hygienist’s fingers off at one stage. Then she started using a another metal hook to remove the calculi the vibrating water squirting one couldn’t.

At the end she said that if I get this done every six months it won’t hurt as much in the future. I don’t know why she thought I would want to come back. If I don’t come back there won’t be any more pain.



Friends at work two years ago bought me a MAROON snuggie because I was new to the cold of Canberra.
I had to wear it tonight. #QUEENSLANDER

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