Comfort Food—Jook (Congee)

Tonight I made jook. I think it’s also known as congee. Basically it’s a rice gruel. It is peasant food. It can range from a runny soup to a thick gruel with a porridge like consistency. It is to me what chicken soup may be to others. I always feel better after eating it.


Chicken Jook (also known as Chicken Congee)


1 whole chicken, best with giblets and liver if present
3 tablespoons of sherry
3 slices of fresh ginger
3 shallots cut across and crushed with a meat cleaver or cooking knife
½ teaspoon salt
1 cup Arborio rice
1 chicken stock cube


1.    In a pressure cooker place the rice, ginger, sherry, shallots, stock and salt.
2.    Place the chicken on top.
3.    Cover with water.
4.    Heat until the pressure cooker dances.
5.    Lower heat and cook for 20 minutes. Release pressure and open cooker.
6.    Remove the chicken and shred meat.
7.    Place shredded meat back into pressure cooker and stir through the rice porridge.


Serve with thinly sliced spring onions, soy sauce and shredded ham.


The things you see walking

I went for a work this morning and there seemed to be more men running than I’ve seen before. What was remarkable was they all were all wearing long Lycra outfits and wearing board shorts and tropical t-shirts on the outside.

It was refreshing to see tropical designs in the winter gloom around Lake Gin.