Dinner. Don’t judge me. I’m lazy tonight.


Dads and sport

I’m at a local gymnastics competition. It’s an invitational. My girls compete for a pretty well organised and developed club. They’ve invited clubs from around Brisbane and the region to compete in preparation for the national championships next month.

We had to be here early for session three. My Miss10 is in level five and she’s competing. The other group is level one. They are all so tiny. My Miss14 competes later this afternoon.

Before the competition began I scanned around and most dads were there with their devices, mainly iPhones and iPads checking out the sports news. Quite a number were checking out last night’s rugby and rugby league stories. As soon as the competition started, the devices were replaced with video camcorders. They’re all standing and capturing every moment. I used to do this. Now I focus on the moment when one of my kids or their friends is competing. I savour it and try to remember it. A camera is not as good as my eye in terms of enjoyment.

This is my opinion. You may think I’m wrong. I’m comfortable with that.