My Mum’s wonton recipe

My Mum’s wonton recipe

Pork mince, make sure it has a reasonable amount of fat otherwise it will taste unpleasant, about 500 g
Raw prawns between 250 and 500 g. Peel and remove intestine. Cut longitudinally and then roughly dice.
Soy, a good splash to taste
Sesame oil, be generous
Sugar 2 teaspoons
Salt 2 teaspoons
Pepper both white and black
Scotch whisky about third of a cup
Cornflour about 2 tablespoons
Egg, one or two
Spring onions
Water chestnuts, chopped roughly

Slap the pork into a bowl a few times (my Mum reckons this makes a difference)
Combine everything and slap around again (again Mum reckons this is helpful)

This is a basic recipe for wonton soup, so wonton wrappers can be filled. I know how to do it but can’t describe how to do the fancy wrap.
It can also be used for pork meat balls for steam boat.

Serve with Chilli sauce

Always have on supply a really nice Chinese vegetable broth.

21 thoughts on “My Mum’s wonton recipe

  1. I’m assuming since I have an allergy to prawns I can just leave those out? lol

    Also get hives on my butt from smoked oysters.. BUT they are soooo yummy!!

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  4. I will have to try this! I printed the recipe yesterday and think that I will try it when my husband visits his Mom. He does not eat shrimp…boy is he missing out! I will let you know how they turn out!

  5. What a great recipe! I have a question though: What is slapping the pork? For some reason I have this picture in my head of shaping it to look like a face and then slapping the face and calling the pork a cad! ;|

    • Okay, in the bowl you are mixing the pork mince it’s important to pick up handfuls and slap it against the side of the bowl and into the pork mince in the bowl. You repeat this step until all the mince has been slapped around and then after further mixing you do it again. According to Mum is changes the properties of the pork mince and makes it stickier.

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  8. Followed the link from your latest post and the 1/3 cup whisky is really enlightening. Should make a difference from my Chinese rice wine. I’ll try that next time I make wonton. Thanks.

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  10. It’s funny that you say your Mum says to slap the pork because my Mum says to do that too. The uncooked filling should be elastic and springy to the touch, kinda like pressing on a marshmallow. She says that it makes the filling more sticky and condensed and less likely to be mooshy when you’re cooking/eating them. She also adds water chestnuts too for texture. Your Mum’s recipe is very similar to my Mum’s!

    • Mum explained it like that too. She got her recipe from her Mum. The good thing is Mum used to be a domestic science teacher so she always explains why she does things.

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